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This game is developed and produced in Ireland...

The Game & Rules
The Game & Rules

In this game players look for ‘The Pot of Gold’ by land, sea or rainbow transfer and bring it...

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The Irish family Board Game: Simple, Fun & Educational!

pot of gold game tokensWelcome to the Pot of Gold board game website. Pot of Gold is a  family board game where players make their way around Ireland with the aid of a dice to find the legendary Pot of Gold. Once you find the Pot of Gold, you need to race home before someone else claims it! This popular and fun game makes an ideal gift for any occasion and is designed for all the family starting from approximately five years of age. 

Players will find gold, fairies, leprechauns and even thieves along the way that can either help or hinder the player's search for the pot of gold.  The gold, in the form of bars, rings and coins, can be exchanged for money because you will need it in your search for the Pot of Gold!

Four leaf clovers can also be found and these enable player's to win also, once someone else has found the Pot of Gold first, otherwise they are of no use. The four leaf clovers adds another level of gameplay that makes sure that no one is eliminated during the game which is very important to children and adults alike. All the rules are explained in the game & rules page and they are also contained in the box.

Players will also find out all about the Irish counties names and where they are located along with learning about some famous Irish landmarks and this is a great way to help children and adults with their geography lessons!




Supporting Irish Children's Charities

Five percent of all proceeds from the sale of this game go to supporting Temple Street Children's University hospital, find out more about how you can help the children's hospital here. Temple street hosital is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Also Available in Retail outlets across Ireland


banbaThe game is also available in selected retail outlets which are: 

  • Banba Toymaster, Mary Street, Dublin 1
  • Paddy's Tourist Office, 12 College Green, Dublin 1
  • The National Leprechaun Museum, Jervis St, Dublin 1
  • Paddywagon, O' Connell St & Talbot Street, Dublin 1
  • Books on the Green, Sandymount, Dublin 4
  • The Maynooth bookshop, Main St, Maynooth
  • Castle Bookshop, Captins Hill, Leixslip Kildare
  • Celtic Gift house, Dingle, Co Kerry

with hopefully more retailers getting on board in the coming months. If you are a reailer and would like to stock the game you can contact us directly via our contact page above. Postal & packaging costs are €4.95 per game for the Republic of Ireland and €5.90 per game anywhere else in the world. Pot of Gold is now retailing at €12.95  Click here to buy from our site  now You can also buy the game from Amazon here

Our 28 day Guarantee

We will refund the purchase price if for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase within 28 days of delivery. We have that much confidence in our product that we know you will love it, just like we do!