About Us

How the idea came about

We are the parents of two young children (six & three) living in Co Kildare, Ireland. The idea came about one night on holiday when we both realised that everyone was either on their phone, tablet or watching television! After playing a local board game and seeing how everyone enjoyed that time together, we decided to create our own game. We wanted the game to be quick enough so players don't get bored but also long enough so players are kept involved. It was a challenge and after more then two years of development Pot of Gold was launched. All of the illustrations from the board, money and tokens where illustrated by the brilliant illustrator Peter Donnelly, you can find out more about Peter here

Pot of gold board game

Fun & Educational

We wanted your game to be fun & educational and you would need to play the game to find out how much fun it is, please don't take our word for it! As with most board games, Pot of Gold is competitive but fun and who doesn't want to win?! And this can be great way for younger minds to learn about the concept of winning. Our son and daughter love to play Pot of Gold with us, and it's a great way for us to bond as a family. Board games in general are a great way for children to develop and you can read more about board games and child development here

Pot of gold board game

 Supporting Irish Charities and Irish Jobs

By purchasing the game you will be supporting Irish jobs because the game is fully produced and designed  in Ireland.

In addition, by buying the game you will be donating to charity as 5% of all proceeds from the sale of the game go Temple Street Children's University hospital. You can find out all about the hospital's effects to fundraise here

Temple street foundation image


 pot of gold board game HorseImage from the board

Pot of Gold  is now retailing at  only €12.95   Click here to buy from our site now