The Rules Of The Game

In this game players race through Ireland with a throw of a dice to find the legendary Pot of Gold. Players can discover money, or lose their money to the bank or another player whilst travelling through the counties of Ireland. The map is a geographical representation of Ireland with counties marked on the map so the players can learn the counties and where they are located as well as discover some famous Irish landmarks. As Ireland is known as the land of the leprechauns and faeries, the players can meet some of these characters during the game.

The game contains


1 game board (geographical map of Ireland)
5 play pieces
1 dice

32 cardboard pieces

1 Pot of Gold
2 Bars of Gold
4 Gold Rings
4 Gold Coins
2 Thieves
2 Money Fairies  

5 Four Leaf Clovers
12 Blank Pieces (plus x extra)

30 ‘Leprechaun Punt’ notes

2 Notes of 100
8 Notes of 50
10 Notes of 20
10 Notes of 10

In this game players look for ‘The Pot of Gold’ by land, sea or rainbow transfer and bring it back to Dublin or Rosslare. The player will need to return to the same place from where they started.

To prepare the game, turn the 32 cardboard tokens orange side up, shuffle them up and place the pieces to the orange four leaved clover circles. No one now knows where each token is located. Each player choses their play piece and places the piece either on Dublin or Rosslare to start the game. Each player receives 30 Leprechaun Punts from the bank. To choose the starting order, each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest number starts the game followed by players in descending numbers.
Travelling through the map

By land.
Travel along the yellow line with yellow spots. Move your play piece as many yellow spots forward as the dice indicates. There is no charge for land travel.

By sea.
Travel along the white line with white spots. Sea journey costs 20 Leprechaun Punts. If a player without money wishes to travel by sea, they can do so by taking two moves at the time when it is their turn.

By Rainbow Transfer.
There are three counties on the map for Rainbow Transfer. These are: Cork, Galway and Antrim. When a player reaches one of these counties, they can pay 30 Leprechaun Punts and transfer themselves to another Rainbow county.

Player can stop on an orange circle whenever they want, they do not need to proceed as many steps as the dice shows.

How to turn the token

When a player reaches an orange circle, they may immediately turn the token by paying 10 Leprechaun Punts. If the players wishes not to pay or does not have any money, they can await their next turn of the dice and once they get a 4, 5 or 6 by a throw of the dice, they can turn the token.

What is the meaning of each token?

Blank Token.
You simply put this token aside.

Four Leaved Clover.
This token has no use if no one has found the Pot of Gold. In this case you simply put this token aside and it cannot be used later in the game. If another player has already found a Pot of Gold, the player with a Four Leaved Clover can still win the game by travelling back to Dublin or Rosslare before the player with the Pot of Gold does.

Player will lose all their money.

Player can steal money from one another player. Maximum amount that can be stolen is 50 Leprechaun Punts. If no other player has money, this token is put aside and cannot be used later in the game.  

Gold Coin.
The player will receive 30 Leprechaun Punts from the bank.

Gold Ring.
The player will receive 60 Leprechaun Punts from the bank.

Bar of Gold.
Player will receive 100 Leprechaun Punts from the bank.

The Pot of Gold.
Player should make their way to Dublin or Rosslare (which ever place they started from) to win the game.

The winner of the game is the player who discovers the Pot of Gold and delivers it back to either Dublin or Rosslare. If another player discovers a Four Leaved Clover after the Pot of Gold has been found and succeeds in getting the Four Leaved Clover back to Dublin or Rosslare before the player with Pot of Gold does, they will win the game.